Night Dreams to compete at #DVMission18

Last week I was excited to take part in the 12th annual DV Mission 48 Hour Film Challenge. As part of the ‘Three Bus Stops outside Shirley, Southampton’ team, I directed and edited Night Dreams, a two-minute zombie-rom-com. 30 teams competed, given just 48 hours to write, direct and edit a film featuring the following obstructions:

– Genre: Zom-rom-com
– Title: Night Dreams
– Dialogue: ‘We all go a little mad sometimes…haven’t you?’
– Optional extra: An OAP eating from a bag of chips

Night Dreams can be watched here.

DV Mission will be holding it’s film screening / awards ceromony on Saturday 17th March from 7:30pm at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. Tickets are available and can be booked here

Find out more about DV Mission here

Three Bus Stops outside Shirley, Southampton Team

Director/Editor: Ben Grace
Cinematography: Rachel Stephens
Sound: James Crawford
Makeup/SFX: Kaya Predeth

Ben: Alec Harkness
Sophie: Joanna Russel
Infomercial Zombie: Tom Dangerfield

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