We’re All Going To Die

About We're All Going to Die 

We're All Going to Die was inspired by the work of PleasantRyan, a popular YouTuber known for his black-comedy videos. It features the song 'We're All Going to Die' by Tom Rosenthal & Ryan O'Connor.

This video was shot and edited one morning after Ben Grace had awoken after he'd had a house party to celebrate one of his friend's birthday. After he'd finished tidying up his home, Ben went outside to his back-garden to smoke a cigarette (a dirty habit he has since given up - which is detailed in the video Letters to July). Whilst smoking he noticed the battered and broken Piñata that they'd used the evening before. 'It looked so sad and disheveled and it immediately made me think that I could somehow make it into a short film. I'd remembered back to a PleasantRyan video I had watched a few months before that featured one of his original songs (We're All Going to Die) and realised that song would work perfectly for this video.



Canon 600D
Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens
Edited on Adobe Premiere CS6