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During July 2014, Ben spent two weeks taking his 12-year old cousin Thomas Grace to a variety of different skateparks across the UK, filming a variety of different clips at an assortment of parks. The end result was this scooter edit.

Over the course of two weeks, Ben Grace took Thomas Grace to 6 different skateparks across the country. Local skateparks included Fleming Park skatepark in Eastleigh and Hoglands Park in Southampton. They also attended the annual Freespace Scooter Jam which was hosted by Team Extreme. They also took a train up to London where they spent the day riding and filming clips at Southbank and BaySixty6, also known as Bay66. Lastly, Ben and Tom Grace travelled up to Poole to spend the day at Prevail Skatepark.

Thomas Grace has been a scooter fanatic for the past 3 years, first starting out on a modified Madd Gear Pro scooter built out of spare parts by Ben Grace. From that first scooter, Tom then graduated to a custom scooter of his own design before becoming the first person in the UK to own and ride a Sacrifice Flyte 100 Scooter which Ben was given directly from the manufacturers of Sacrifice in Germany during ISPO 2013. This prototype of the Flyte 100 was actually lighter than the product that was finally released and featured fluting inside the deck and handlebars. In addition, it came in a yellow/black design that was never released to the general public. Thomas Grace loved this scooter so much that when he finally wore it out, he replaced it with another Flyte 100!

On the last day Ben spent looking after Tom Grace, he took him to Marwell Wildlife Zoo, filming that as well for a separate video entitled A Day at Marwell Zoo.


Ben Grace

Special Thanks
Thomas Grace
BaySixty6 Skatepark
Prevail Skatepark
Team Extreme


Canon 600D
Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens
Canon 18-55 3.5-5.6 EF-S II Lens
Edited in Adobe Premiere