Smoking Kills

About Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills was inspired by a rejected scene from a previous short, How I Ate Your Mother and was filmed in less than an hour, with a budget of less than £8 (A pack of Uno Cards and some apple juice). In that short film, Ben had played a small role as a smoker that was attacked and eaten by a zombie whilst smoking. Whilst filming he had the idea of using the health advisory of the side of his cigarettes (Warning: Smoking Kills) as a visual joke however due to time constraints he was unable to film it.

Instead, he wrote Smoking Kills as a micro-short film backwards, knowing his closing shot, Ben Grace then wrote the rest of the short.

Smoking Kills was first screened in November 2014 at the Short Cinema evening at Sonar Cinema as part of Southampton Film Week. In December 2014, it won the one-minute films category of the December edition of TOFF: The Online Film Festival - making it eligible for it's Film of the Year award (pending). It was also accepted into the Now or Never International Film Festival 2015 competing in the One-Minute Talent section.


Gangster 1
William Aaron Coomber

Gangster 2 / Writer / Director / Editor
Ben Grace

Howard Massey

'Black Vortex' by Kevin Macleod


Canon 5D Mark III (Filmed in RAW with Magic Lantern)
Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens
Canon 18-40mm 4.O L Lens
Edited on Adobe Premiere CS6


TOFF: The Online Film Festival 2015
Film of the Month (Winner)
Film of the Year (Nominated)

Underground Film Fest 2016
60 Second Film (Pending)

Now or Never International Film Festival 2015
One Minute Talent (Nominated)

Top Shorts Film Festival 2015
Best Micro Film (Nominated)

London Shows International Film Festival 2015
One Minute Story (Nominated)