Won’t Fade Away

Troy Chessman

Theatre | Event Coverage & Trailer, 2019


Through development funding provided by Nuffield Southampton Theatres, we were commissioned by writer/director Troy Chessman to film and edit his theatre production ‘Won’t Fade Away’ and produce a 90 second trailer to support ongoing funding applications.

‘Won’t Fade Away’ is based on real events and retells the story of lifelong lovers, Robin and Sheila. It reflects on a long, loving life full of memories. We start in present day as Robin reluctantly comes to terms with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, we get snapshots into his psyche as he relives his fondest memory, meeting Sheila for the first time as teenagers. As his condition takes its toll, as time passes, Robin desperately tries to remember that same memory, we are repeatedly taken back in time to the day they met all those years ago. We see this memory become frayed, distorted, until it ceases to be.

This play explores the relationship of Robin and Sheila and the profound impact that this growing and incurable disease has on those experiencing it and those around them. Weaved together with physical theatre, movement and music ‘Won’t fade away’ is a celebration of love, life and memory.

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