Winter BBQ Feat. In All, In I by Ahava

About Winter BBQ

Winter BBQ was filmed in one-night by Ben Grace. It follows Ahava (Yaz Gale), Naomi Leppitt and Natalie Roseblade as they spend the evening by the seaside, trying to start a BBQ. Winter BBQ features the track In All, In I from Ahava's first EP Steal, Kill, Destroy. Ahava, also known as Yasmin Gale is a Southampton based musician.

Although it may appear as though they did actually manage to start up their disposable BBQ, it truth the evening was an abject failure! We'd decided to spend the evening on the beach, watching the sunset, before making a fire, cooking food and huddling in blankets. Sounds pretty lovely right? Well we left too late so we pretty much missed sunset. When we arrived, we discovered the tide was in and there wasn't actually any beach not submersed.... Splendid... So, we walked across to a small park next to the beach. Ahava and the girls were unable to properly start the BBQ and after 30-odd minutes to trying, gave up and ate cold sausages from the packet with american-style cheese. It was pretty darn gross. So gross in fact, that we all ended up going straight to a local fish and chip shop to eat something warm and tasty.

Even though the evening was a bit of a failure, we did have a ton of fun. We laughed alot, which really is all you really want out of an evening spent with friends.


Ben Grace

‘In All, In I’ by Ahava.

Special Thanks
Yasmin Gale
Naomi Leppitt
Natalie Roseblade


Canon 5D Mark II (Filmed in RAW using Magic Lantern)
Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens
Canon 17-40 4 L Lens
Edited in Adobe Premiere CC2014