Edward Woodman Symposium

John Hansard Gallery

Photography, 2019


The symposium explored themes of visibility, ephemerality and cultural memory present in Edward Woodman’s photographs, which document the art and artists of a key era in British art. Expert speakers investigated shifting approaches to art documentation from 1979 to 1999 and the ways in which photographic records have shaped perceptions of history and the art of the present.

The symposium coincided with the first retrospective of Edward Woodman’s seminal photographs at John Hansard Gallery, ‘Space, Light and Time: Edward Woodman, A Retrospective’, and the publication of ‘Edward Woodman: The Artist’s Eye’. The monograph was produced in collaboration between Art360 Foundation, John Hansard Gallery and Art/Books, and was made possible through Arts Council England funding and the generosity of Art360 Foundation’s donors.

Through community filmmaking charity City Eye, we were commissioned to photograph this symposium .

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